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Nuclear industry
Radionuclide capture and retention, water purification from radionuclide
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In nuclear power engineering using zeolite produce solid surface, ground deactivation, dangerous emission filtration and adsorption, radionuclide capture and retention. It is used for secure buffer zone creation around nuclear objects. Research has shown that natural zeolites can be used in nuclear power engineering also, as they are resistant to nuclear degradation and cheaper than organic ion exchange resin. The zeolites are sensitive with cement and glass that allows creating more reliable concrete warehouses for radioactive materials. Significant research work in the field was carried out in such countries as USA, USSR, Canada, Bulgaria, France, FRG, Great Britain, and Japan in last 15-20 years.

Without use of zeolite , water supply in Ukraine populated localities after Chernobyl NPP accident was impossible. The zeolite of Trans Carpathian deposit is used across intake stations of Dnipro Basin. They decontaminated discharges from Chernobyl NPP in Pripyat by the zeolite. Filtering through two-meter zeolite bed reduces contamination by isotopes in two orders. After the accident in Fukushima NPP zeolites bags also were used for radionuclides uptake, discharging in drainage system to decrease the pollution of dumped into ocean water.

At the present time research and developing works are carried out by using activated zeolite as radioprotective agent in anti – radiation protection. Works are carried out with support of Volga Region Zeolites JSC.

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