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Made in Germany according to a European pate

  • Promotes plant growth

  • Building up humus

  • Promotes soil life

  • CO2 storage

  • Active microorganisms

  • High security

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water-tank Takesahighproportionofhis Ownweightofmoisture Slowreleasefertilizer

Regeneratesthesoil Microorganisms Improvesthesoil

Promotessoillife,rootformation andishumus-building

The 3 in1solution for successful development of humus-richsoils:

What is TexasAgrar?

Texas Agrar is anorganic fertilizer that contains large amounts of organic matter and Includes soillife. Inaddition to nutrient-rich, organic basic
material, water-storing components and plant-available nutrients combinations of natural rocks.
advantage of Texas Agrar is the fermentation and that it special composition a high percentage of moisture and nutrients stores them and evenly transfers them to the soil and plants over a long period of time gives off. By adding effective microorganisms in the fermentation the soil activity increases in the soil. It reduces gases that are harmful to the climate, as the Putrefaction process is prevented. The plants become more resilient as the Effective microorganisms at the same time biological plant protection represent. Effective microorganisms regenerate soils caused by over fertilization, pesticides de, monocultures, antibiotics or hormones are disrupted. Texas Agrar supports the rapid build-upofhumus. Store 1% humus holds 400,000 liters of water on 1hectare. The substrate is suitable for all soils and is thereforcomprehensive and versatile applicable.

Put Texas Agriculture into the ground

1. Texas Agrar is used in an amount of 30-45m3on1hectare embedded.Recommendation:Upto15 centimeters in the up per floor
work in or mulch on top.
2. Bring in the seeds
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texas 2.jpg
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