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Taking this opportunity, we would like to
introduce company – TATSPIRTPROM, JSC – the major national producer of alcohol, both in segment of own and private labels.

The company owns 3 alcohol distilleries, 1 beer brewery and 2 pure-alcohol distillery. We are pleased to announce the Tatspirtprom launches supplying high quality ENA (96,0-96,3 % pure alcohol) produced by Usady Distillery.

Usady Distillery is the most sophisticated factory for food grade alcohol production in Russia and Europe with daily capacity 10000 dekaliters of rectified alcohol. It takes 4 days to complete full production cycle from grain feeding to deliver alcohol to storage tank. The distillery processes 300 tons of ecologically saved grain a day.

Evaporator running in deep vacuum reduces drying time which preserves nutrition value of distillery stillage. With the design capacity of 36 tons a day, 30000 tons a year, Usady Distillery produces and sales dry distillery stillage as granules and powder.

10000 dekaliters of “Alfa” grade rectified grain alcohol produced daily are used in production of high quality vodkas, herbal liquors and bitters.
At Tatspirtprom liquor factories in Kazan, Chistopol, Mamadysh and Usady. “Alfa” grade alcohol produced at Usady Distillery has a number of superior physical, chemical and organoleptic properties. Today “Alfa” is the cleanest alcohol used by TATSPIRTPROM JSC to its’ best vodkas and bitters. Vodkas containing “Alfa” alcohol gained prizes at all international tasting competitions. High level of modern technologies optimizes the workforce and increases labor efficiency.

Usady Distillery branch of Tatspirtprom JSC is an embodiment of supreme engineering thought and example of prosperous international cooperation. Cutting edge technologies and well-coordinated team make it reliable partner in the Russian and international market.

We are pleased to announce the launches supplying high quality ENA (96,0-96,3 % pure alcohol)
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