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Fertilizer with amino acids

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Fertilizer with amino acids

Israway and LLC Kosmos are a producers of hi-tech production based on the modified natural minerals. For use in crop production, we have developed mineral complex with added amino acids ECOMINERAL-AK.

ECOMINERAL-AK is a specially selected blend of modified natural minerals, enriched with a complex of amino acids.

The use of ECOMINERAL-AK has a positive effect on the agrochemical properties of the soil, increases the content of humus, phosphorus and potassium, reduces the acidity of the soil solution, which favorably affects the growth and development of plants of cereals.
The introduction of ECOMINERAL-AK has a positive impact on the passage of reproductive phases of plant development of cereals, which leads to a reduction in the growing season, on average, 7-8 days without compromising the quality and quantity of the crop.

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Application ECOMINERAL-AK allows you to increase the safety of the plant by 13.7-13.5% in comparison with the control.
Improving the conditions of mineral nutrition through the use of the drug increases the nutrient content in the grain of cereals, improving the class of culture.
Application ECOMINERAL-AK in the technology of cultivation of cereal crops increases yield by 8.0 - 38%.


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