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 company provides a variety of products for different industries and businesses.we provide products and raw materials worldwide

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Zeolite is one of the most common and most valuable minerals in the world. Zeolites are widely used in a variety of industries

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The fertilizer is an ecologically pure complex fertilizer for soils and substrates, based on activated natural zeolite

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Feed additive is composed of about 40 chemical elements and is the source for organisms of most important micro and macro elements

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Israway My Kitty cat litter is made of natural zeolite, consisting of 85-90% of mineral sorbent clinoptilolite, montmorillonite (bentonit) and opal-cristobalite.


We are pleased to present you the products of "Texas Bio Energie" One of the world's best BIO Fertilizers and products for agriculture made in Germany!

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Fertilizer with amino acids

ECOMINERAL-AK is a specially selected blend of modified natural minerals, enriched with a complex of amino acids

root plant food– is pollution free mineral root plant food for ground of activated natural zeolite – mineral, known for its unique sorbate, ion – exchange properties

Zeolite soil for date palm.jpg

Zeolite soil for date palm

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diatomite Israway F2.jpg

ECOSLOY  based on the hi-tech modified natural minerals. is the absorber of ammonia and moisture


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