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Israway Trading Company is an official representative as well as an international seller of russian companies. We operate in the high-scale and high-quality production of chemical fertilizers.
We have products such as:

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Urea, is a granular fertilizer that contains 46% nitrogen. Thus, this is the most concentrated nitrogen fertilizer introduced under garden crops. The substance is odorless and dissolves well in water. Moreover, with increasing temperature, the solubility increases. To understand how urea is needed in a summer house, you need to know the extent to which nitrogen is valuable to plants. 

urea solution is quickly absorbed by cultures that are sensitive to high pH values ​​of soil;
foliar top dressing does not cause burns of leaf plates in plants;
48 hours after foliar feeding of urea, the amount of nitrogen in the plant protein increases;
spraying plants with a urea solution in early spring helps to delay flowering and thereby reduces the likelihood of flowers shedding as a result of spring frosts;
urea solution helps fight pests in the garden, as well as pathogens;
Urea top dressing allows increasing the yield of garden and garden plants.

When feeding crops with urea, you need to remember that this fertilizer stimulates the development of the vegetative part, so applying it during the laying of buds can lead to a decrease in yield. It is best to make urea under the plants at the time of formation of the green mass.
The introduction of urea in the autumn does not always give the proper effect, since microorganisms at this point begin to decompose, and the released ammonium is rapidly destroyed. In addition, by spring, part of the nitrogen sinks into the deeper layers of the soil, from where the plants can no longer consume it. The use of urea in the fall is justified only if the soil on the site is sandy or sandy, and the weather is not too warm and dry. Autumn feeding with urea is contraindicated in winter and perennials.
Urea can also be applied to the soil before planting or sowing plants directly into grooves and holes. In this case, it is important to sprinkle fertilizer with a small layer of earth to avoid contact of urea with planting and seed material.
In addition, in order not to expose the planting material to the action of gaseous ammonia released as a result of a chemical reaction, urea can be introduced 1-2 weeks before sowing.

Complex universal fertilizer for any soils and crops, the most effective when applied under cultivated and industrial crops - before pre-sowing cultivation or when sowing. It is also an ideal starter fertilizer for spring crops. The presence of sulfur provides a high assimilation of nitrogen and phosphorus by plants, and potassium contributes to the rapid transport of photosynthetic products (carbohydrates) to root crops and seeds.

The best solid granular fertilizer for providing plants with readily available phosphorus and nitrogen - the most important vital nutrients that contribute to the growth and development of any crop. Due to the temporary moderate acidification of the soil solution around the fertilizer granule, the greatest effect is observed in nutrition systems on soils with a neutral and slightly alkaline reaction of the environment. The ammonium form of nitrogen promotes better phosphorus supply to plants.


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Israway fertilizer is an ecologically pure complex zeolite fertilizer for soils and substrates, based on activated natural zeolite. It provides three types of impact on the soil: fertilization, aeration, and accumulation of moisture. It is a source of silicon, potassium, phosphorus, sulfur, calcium, magnesium, and other elements, which are necessary for the proper nutrition of plants.

The Israway zeolite fertilizer retains moisture during irrigation and gradually gives it to soil, improves aeration of the soil, improves the soil structure, gives it friability and does not allow it to be compacted excessively. Application of fertilizer increases the yield up to 25%, improvement of seed germination, development of strong root system, reduces the number of earthen harmful insects and weeds in the area, even if you do not use agrochemical means of protection of plants. Suitable for use in hydroponics.

root plant food israway
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Israway and LLC Kosmos are a producers of hi-tech production based on the modified natural minerals. For use in crop production, we have developed mineral complex with added amino acids ECOMINERAL-AK.

ECOMINERAL-AK is a specially selected blend of modified natural minerals, enriched with a complex of amino acids.

The use of ECOMINERAL-AK has a positive effect on the agrochemical properties of the soil, increases the content of humus, phosphorus and potassium, reduces the acidity of the soil solution, which favorably affects the growth and development of plants of cereals.
The introduction of ECOMINERAL-AK has a positive impact on the passage of reproductive phases of plant development of cereals, which leads to a reduction in the growing season, on average, 7-8 days without compromising the quality and quantity of the crop

Zeolites are capable of ion and cation exchange, and therefore, when added to the soil composition for flowers, they contribute to the conservation of Mg2 +, Ca2 +, K + cations for 2-3 years.
Zeolite contains potassium, calcium, magnesium, boron, zinc, manganese, molybdenum, silicon in a form accessible to the plant.
Zeolite granules mixed with soil increase its porosity, prevent particles from sticking together (cementing the soil), and therefore increase access to oxygen roots. Due to the high drainage of the soil provides better root formation.
Zeolite in the composition of soil mixtures for cacti and succulents allows you to maximize the structure of the soil to the requirements of these plants.
Regulates the moisture capacity of the soil, reduces the frequency of watering and prevents overdrying (to a certain extent).
The acidity of zeolite is optimal for plants pH 5.5-5.6.
Natural zeolite works as a soil conditioner. Due to its ability to absorb and retain moisture, as well as its high ion-exchange capacity, natural zeolite creates the most favorable conditions in the soil for the absorption of nutrients by plants. Preventing leaching of mineral fertilizers from the arable layer, zeolite reduces their losses and total consumption, and also reduces the process of salinization of the soil.
Zeolite promotes soil aeration, retention of a sufficient amount of water in the root zone, intensive development of the root system and improved plant growth. The ion-exchange properties of natural zeolite can reduce the level of various toxic substances in the soil, including pesticides and heavy metals, and, accordingly, reduce their content in the final product.
In addition to mass application on farm fields when cultivating field crops, zeolite gives excellent results when used in greenhouses and household plots where vegetable and fruit crops are grown. The same results are true for indoor plants. Due to its beneficial properties, zeolite is used to create “green roofs”, lawns, golf courses and other sports.
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Texas Agrar is anorganic fertilizer that contains large amounts of organic matter and Includes soillife. Inaddition to nutrient-rich, organic basicmaterial, water-storing components and plant-available nutrients combinations of natural rocks.advantage of Texas Agrar is the fermentation and that it special composition a high percentage of moisture and nutrients stores them and evenly transfers them to the soil and plants over a long period of time gives off. By adding effective microorganisms in the fermentation the soil activity increases in the soil. It reduces gases that are harmful to the climate, as the Putrefaction process is prevented. The plants become more resilient as the Effective microorganisms at the same time biological plant protection represent. Effective microorganisms regenerate soils caused by over fertilization, pesticides de, monocultures, antibiotics or hormones are disrupted. Texas Agrar supports the rapid build-upofhumus. Store 1% humus holds 400,000 liters of water on 1hectare. The substrate is suitable for all soils and is thereforcomprehensive and versatile applicable.

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