Feed additive

Activated zeolite containing feed additive ZEOL is made on the basis of natural zeolites of the Tatar- Shatrashan deposit.

Zeolite-containing rocks of Tatar-Shatrashan depos­its represent a unique multicomponent mixture of highly active minerals. The main active minerals of this rock - clinoptilolite, opal-cristobalite-tridimite, montmorillo- nite, calcite and quartz make up 90-95% of the rock volume.



Opal-cristobalite-tridimite is a minerals from the silica family, significantly complement the sorption properties of clinoptilolite and expand the range of sorbed elements.

Clinoptilolite is a natural zeolite, microporous crystal with a rigid frame. Excellent adsorbent, ion exchanger, "molecular sieve" for contaminants. Normalizes gastrointestinal digestion of the animal, improves metabolism.

Montmorillonite is a clay mineral belonging to the subclass of layered silicates, the main component of bentonite. It has the ability to strong swelling and has a pronounced sorption properties. Montmorillonite perfectly binds, envelops and removes toxins trapped in the animal's body, has the ability to ion exchange.


Thermal and mechanical activation carried out during production significantly changes the characteristics of raw materials and determines the performance properties

Fattening of cattle

When adding in the feed of 4% additive ZEOL note the following results:

  • increases live weight gain of young animals by 7-15%

  • increases the safety of newborn calves up to 10%

  • reduces the cost of feed per 1 kg increase in mass on 5-10%

  • reduces feed consumption by 2-4%

Camel breeding

•     increases the live weight gain of young animals by 6-10%

•     increases the safety of newborn colts up to 10%

•     increases the average daily milk yield up to 13%

•     improves composition and quality of milk

•     reduces cost of feed units to obtain 1 kg of milk

Sheep breeding

•    increases wool yield, the strength of the hair

•    increases the safety of young animals

•    increases the live weight of the offspring

Dairy farming

When adding in the feed of 4% additive ZEOL note the following results:

•    increases the average daily milk yield up to 20%

•    improves the composition and quality of milk

•    reduces cost of feed units to obtain 1 kg of milk

•    service period reduces by 16-27 days

•    a greater number of cows fruitfully samenaide the first time

•    the number of abortions is reduces by 2-3 %

•    reduces culling of cows due to infertility

•    case of calves is reduces up to 1.5 times

•    the yield of calves increases by 6-8%

•    improves the quality of hair and hoof horn

•    reduces cases of diarrhea

When using the zeolite fee additive, the number of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract is reduced, the phagocytic and bactericidal activity of blood serum increases by 6-8%. Thus, the use of the additive increases the immunological reactivity. High adsorption properties of the additive allow to use them in conjunction with probiotics (immunoscreen, streptobifid) in veterinary practice in the treatment of dyspepsia calves.
  • Feed additive zeolite due to its unique sorption, ion exchange, catalytic properties has a beneficial effect on the body of animals.

  • The minerals included in the additive adsorb metabolic products, mycotoxins, heavy metal salts, radionuclides and other substances harmful to the body, contributing to the prevention and prevention of mass gastrointestinal diseases.

  • The zeolite Feed additive also has an immuno-modulating and antiviral effect.

  • Feed additive zeolite acts as an ion exchanger in biochemical reactions during digestion, activates the action of enzymes and hormones. The product helps to maintain a favorable ionic balance of sodium, potassium, calcium.

* In the digestive tract of animals, the additive stabilizes the acid-base balance, promotes better absorption of macro-and microelements.

• The result of applying feed additive zeolite is to increase the productivity, fertility, keeping of animals, effective prevention of diseases, improving the natural resistance of the organism to poorquality feed and unfavorable factors of the external environment.


  • The efficiency of use of zeolite-containing additives in poultry farming has been repeatedly confirmed in scientific and economic experiments conducted in the leading poultry farms of Russia and Belarus since the 1980s. For example, scientific and economic experiments were conducted in such enterprises as: poultry complex "AK BARS", "Niva of Tatarstan" (Republic of Tatarstan), poultry complex "Ulyanovsk" (Ulyanovsk region), poultry complex "Sotnikovskaya" (Republic of Buryatia) and others.

  • The wider use of the zeolite-containing additive was limited due to the lack of large and stable producers of activated natural zeolites.

  • The additive affects many physiological and biochemical processes in the body of poultry. As a result, the energy of bird growth increases, the incidence decreases, blood counts improve. Zeolite can be used as a deodorant poultry premises, as adsorbent of poultry farms waste, reducing gas contamination of poultry houses by 15 %. This improves the working conditions of specialists.

  • According to the results of numerous scientific and economic experiments with the introduction of 2-4% ZEOL additives in feed rations, the following results were obtained:

•   increases live weight gain of broilers by 5-10%

•   increases the safety of livestock up to 2%

•   increasing egg production of chiken by 7-12%

•   decreases the broken eggs for 3-5%

•   reduces cost of 1 kg of feed by 2-3%

•   reduces feed consumption by 3-7%


The economic effect of the feed additive is estimated at 10-20 cents per dollar spent on the Supplement. When using the zeolite-containing feed additive ZEOL in the recommended amounts of side effects and complications are not observed. Contraindications to use is not established.

Feed additive zeolite is introduced into the feed immediately before feeding. Recommended dosage of the feed additive for all animals and poultry is 2-6% from the dry feed mass.

Recommendations for use of zeolite feed additive