Soil for Orchids

100% natural zeolite. Its characteristic is good absorbency. When planted in a closed system, this substrate absorbs some of the fertilizer. The benefits of fertilizing are prolonged, the plants receive nutrients for a longer time. The root system does not dry out and is protected from excessive moisture, which is fraught with subsequent decay.
  • Undergoes activation during heat treatment
  • The large fraction gives the roots a lot of free space
  • The composition, rich in silicon, is presented in a form that is quickly absorbed by indoor flowers.
  • Environmentally friendly pure product for growing plants.
  • A high content of micro and macro elements necessary for the proper formation and growth of orchids.
  • Zeolite forms immunity to fungal diseases, pests and pathogens.
  • Increases the stress resistance of flowers when changing growing conditions (temperature difference in the room, changing humidity), transplants.
  • Favorably affects the growth of young orchids, promotes their development, gives a rich color to the leaves and flowers.