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Soil for Orchids

Product made from 100% natural activated modified Zeolite.

Its characteristic is good absorbency. When planted in a closed system, this substrate absorbs some of the fertilizer. The benefits of fertilizing are prolonged, the plants receive nutrients for a longer time. The root system does not dry out and is protected from excessive moisture, which is fraught with subsequent decay.

   •The activated zeolite is heat treated at 800 degrees, thus eliminating all elements harmful to the orchid

   •Due to its unique structure, Zeolite soil absorbs moisture and slowly releases it to the plant
  •The large fraction gives the roots a lot of free space which allows good growth of roots
  •The composition, rich in silicon, is presented in a form that is quickly absorbed by indoor flowers.
   •Environmentally friendly pure product for growing plants.
   •A high content of micro and macro elements necessary for the proper formation and growth of orchids.
  •Zeolite forms immunity to fungal diseases, pests and pathogens.
  •Increases the stress resistance of flowers when changing growing          conditions (temperature difference in the room, changing humidity), transplants.
  •Favorably affects the growth of young orchids, promotes their development, gives a rich color to the leaves and flowers.
  •Retains its structure and has a stable pH5.5-6
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