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Urea, is a granular fertilizer that contains 46% nitrogen. Thus, this is the most concentrated nitrogen fertilizer introduced under garden crops. The substance is odorless and dissolves well in water. Moreover, with increasing temperature, the solubility increases. To understand how urea is needed in a summer house, you need to know the extent to which nitrogen is valuable to plants. 

urea solution is quickly absorbed by cultures that are sensitive to high pH values ​​of soil;
foliar top dressing does not cause burns of leaf plates in plants;
48 hours after foliar feeding of urea, the amount of nitrogen in the plant protein increases;
spraying plants with a urea solution in early spring helps to delay flowering and thereby reduces the likelihood of flowers shedding as a result of spring frosts;
urea solution helps fight pests in the garden, as well as pathogens;
Urea top dressing allows increasing the yield of garden and garden plants.

When feeding crops with urea, you need to remember that this fertilizer stimulates the development of the vegetative part, so applying it during the laying of buds can lead to a decrease in yield. It is best to make urea under the plants at the time of formation of the green mass.The introduction of urea in the autumn does not always give the proper effect, since microorganisms at this point begin to decompose, and the released ammonium is rapidly destroyed. In addition, by spring, part of the nitrogen sinks into the deeper layers of the soil, from where the plants can no longer consume it. The use of urea in the fall is justified only if the soil on the site is sandy or sandy, and the weather is not too warm and dry. Autumn feeding with urea is contraindicated in winter and perennials.Urea can also be applied to the soil before planting or sowing plants directly into grooves and holes. In this case, it is important to sprinkle fertilizer with a small layer of earth to avoid contact of urea with planting and seed material.In addition, in order not to expose the planting material to the action of gaseous ammonia released as a result of a chemical reaction, urea can be introduced 1-2 weeks before sowing.

The norm for grades
Grade B
Grade A
white prill


white prill


Nitrogen content (N), wt %, min



Biuret content, %, max



Static strength: Notless than, kgs



Friability, %, min



Moisture content (determined by Fischer method), wt %, max


Granulometry, % 

1 to 4 mm

2 to 4 mm

less than 1 mm

more than 6 mm






Urea is a non-combustible, fire and explosion proof substance.


Bulk, bags (50 kg). 

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