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Made in Germany according to a European patent

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Texas BioGold is terra preta soil with microorganisms.

Texas BioGold activates soil with microorganisms and organic components. This keeps the plants healthy and resistant to stress and external influences.

Texas BioGold, manufactured under a German patent, is fermented from valuable raw materials using billions of microorganisms.

Texas BioGold absorbs huge amounts of moisture under its own weight. Texas BioGold releases water and stored nutrients as required by the plant. Terra Preta is suitable for all levels and is therefore versatile.

Microorganisms are an important part of Texas Bio gold. They multiply during the production process.


  Invigorates the soil
  Rebuild the soil
  Promotes the formation of new roots
  Decompose organic components in the soil
  Promote biodiversity
  creates plant growth

Texas BioGold is 100% peat free and fortified with pure carbon. This improves the carbon to nitrogen ratio and promotes the accumulation of humus.

Texas BioGold has a long lasting effect.

DM:       35,9%
OS:       18,6%
N total: 0,66%
K2O:     0,99%
CaO:     1,9%
MgO:     0,6%

The soil savor
Humus is the most important basis for soil life. With Terra Preta
(Texas BioGold) you reactivate the natural power of your soil, build up humus again faster and bind CO2 in the soil at the same time. 1 cm of
humus on a hectare area stores 400,000 liters of water. This effect is measurable.
The principle of mineralization is the origin of nutrient uptake for the plant. It is the conversion of organic matter into inorganic matter. This process
is crucial for natural nutrient uptake, quality and good yields. By building
up humus and the resulting increase
in biodiversity, you create more
biological stability.
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