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Israway ZEOL root plant food– is pollution free mineral root plant food for ground of activated natural zeolite – mineral, known for its unique sorbate, ion – exchange properties. Israway ZEOL root plant food provides three kinds of soil pollution at ones: fertilization, aeration and humidity accumulation. The root plant food entraps humidity when watering and gradually gives it to the soil, improves soil aeration, giving looseness of soil and not allows it to compact. The use of ZEOL plant food makes yield increase, seed sprouting amelioration, strong root system evolution, harmful earth insects and weedages run-down, although chemical crop protection agents are not used. Duration of action is 5 Years.

Israway ZEOL plant food appliance provides:

  • Garden crop increase up to 60%

  • Increase in vitamins content up to 70%

  • Early maturation of plant crops (7-12 days) and flowering (25-30 days)

  • Nitrates content reduction to 60%

  • Weedages quantity reduction

Composition: activated natural zeolite (oxides of: silicium 56%, aluminium 5,6%, potassium 1,2%, calcium 15%, sodium 0,14%, ferrum 2,3%, magnesium 1,26%, magnese 0,01%, phosphorus 0,11%, titanium 0,3% etc.)

Application method (application rate):

When house plants and seedlings planting, - it is mixed with peat mixture in the ration of 1:3;

  • In preparation of protected ground – it is mixed with peat and organic matter in parity;

  • In preparation of open ground -10 kg per 1 m2;

  • When plant nutrition- 0,3-0,5 kg per 1 m2.

Use proportions of the soil mix are based on plant food:

  • 1 part of the  plant food+ 1 part of the peat + 1 part of the organic matter;

  • 1 part of the  plant food + 1 part of humus + 2 parts of the organic matter;

  • 1 part of the  plant food + 2 parts of peat

When mulching circle around tree trunk of fruit and berry crops needs 4 kg of the plant food per 1m2;

When planting potatoes 50 g of the fertilizer is needed to add into the seedbed.

When applying the plant food it is mixed with the ground to the level of plants root system.

ZEOL root plant food id produced in compliance with TS 2163-001-27860096-2016

Certificate of conformity № ROSS RU.АG81.N00362

The product is packed in plastic buckets of 1-5 liters, in polyethylene bags of 5 liters, in polyethylene terephthalate of 5 liters, in flecon bags of 30 liters.

The packing is possible in accordance with consumer request.

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