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Zeolite is one of the most common and most valuable minerals in the world. Zeolites are widely used in a variety of industries such as
Natural zeolite is an environmentally friendly sorbent, superior to activated carbon in its qualities due to enhanced adsorption and ion exchange.
This property of zeolite makes it popular in animal husbandry, agriculture, as well as in water purification (sewage treatment and water basins, water purification in an aquarium, use in filters for water purification)

In animal husbandry, natural zeolite is used as a mineral feed additive to strengthen the immune system, normalize metabolism, and prevent gastrointestinal diseases. It contributes to the appearance and preservation of healthy offspring, ensures healthy growth, strength and restoration of the protective abilities of the organism of animals.

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Zeolite effectively contributes to higher yields. This mineral retains water in itself, perfectly aerates the soil, stimulates the development of the root system of plants, prolongs the action of fertilizers, primarily nitrate, phosphate, potash, and other nutrients.

Zeolite has an unusually wide range of applications in industry. It is widely used in petrochemistry, as a desiccant of gases and media, for purifying drinking and industrial waters, for removing radionuclides and deironing water, as well as in construction. With the help of zeolite produce decontamination of solid surfaces, soils, for example at nuclear power plants.

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Zeolites are capable of ion and cation exchange, and therefore, when added to the soil composition for flowers, they contribute to the conservation of Mg2 +, Ca2 +, K + cations for 2-3 years. Zeolite contains potassium, calcium, magnesium, boron, zinc, manganese, molybdenum, silicon in a form accessible to the plant. Zeolite granules mixed with soil increase its porosity, prevent particles from sticking together (cementing the soil), and therefore increase access to oxygen roots. Due to the high drainage of the soil provides better root formation. Zeolite in the composition of soil mixtures for cacti and succulents allows you to maximize the structure of the soil to the requirements of these plants. Regulates the moisture capacity of the soil, reduces the frequency of watering and prevents overdrying (to a certain extent).The acidity of zeolite is optimal for plants pH 5.5-5.6.

Natural zeolite works as a soil conditioner. Due to its ability to absorb and retain moisture, as well as its high ion-exchange capacity, natural zeolite creates the most favorable conditions in the soil for the absorption of nutrients by plants. Preventing leaching of mineral fertilizers from the arable layer, zeolite reduces their losses and total consumption, and also reduces the process of salinization of the soil. Zeolite promotes soil aeration, retention of a sufficient amount of water in the root zone, intensive development of the root system and improved plant growth. The ion-exchange properties of natural zeolite can reduce the level of various toxic substances in the soil, including pesticides and heavy metals, and, accordingly, reduce their content in the final product. In addition to mass application on farm fields when cultivating field crops, zeolite gives excellent results when used in greenhouses and household plots where vegetable and fruit crops are grown. The same results are true for indoor plants. Due to its beneficial properties, zeolite is used to create “green roofs”, lawns, golf courses and other sports.

Available fraction from fine grinding unit:

At the moment plant equipment is tuned up by current consumer.
Products fractionation is available in compliance with requirements of consumer.

List of produced fraction: Zeolite Powder,  0-40 microns, 0 - 0,2 мм, 0-1,25 mm, 1,25-2,5 mm, 2,5-8 mm, 8-10 mm.

Prepacking: soft container with Big Bag insert, weight 300-715 kg depends on fraction.


5,0 - 10 мм.jpg
2,5 - 5,0 мм.jpg
1,25 - 2,5 мм.jpg
5,0 - 10 мм
2,5 - 5,0 мм
1,25 - 2,5 мм
0,2 - 1,25 мм.jpg
0 - 0,2 мм.jpg
0,2 - 1,25 мм
0 - 0,2 мм
0 - 40 мкм

Mechanical and physical properties:

Physical form: color of stone , white color granules;
Smell: No
Poriness: 37,25 – 55,72%
Solidity: 2,03 – 2,37 g/cm3
Crashing mechanical resistance:

at 2500 С - 59 kg/cm2
at 200 С - 46 kg/cm2
Wear vibration: 0,96%

Mohs hardness: 3,5 – 4,5

Volume weight, g/сm3 – 1,10
Bulk density, g/cm3 – 0,77
Pores effective size: 0,4 nm (4 angstrom , 4Å)
Static water-capacity, Р/Рs = 0,11 – 2,5 %; Р/Рs = 0,47 – 4,5%; Р/Рs = 0,98 – 20,4%
Dynamical water capacity, - 3,8 %
Condensation point, 0С - 44

Reactivity data:

Thermal stability: above 450 ˚C

Toxic potential: non-toxic
Water solubility: NO

Hazardous polymerization: NO

Dangerous decompounding: NO
Product is thermo- and acid resistance: high – temperature (acid) stable – 70 - 100% of crystal structure safety
Ion – exchange properties:
Total ion exchange (cation exchange) capacity of natural zeolite is 130,0 mg eq/100g. The main role in exchange belongs to calcium; it accounts 86-88%, potassium 5-8%, sodium 3-4%, and magnesium 3%.


N2, He, H2, H2O, SO2,Kr, O2, Xe, CO2, H2S, NH3, CH2OH, CO,HCHO, Ar, Freon gas, formaldehyde and mercaptan.
The content of toxic elements meets requirements developed TS. The total effective activity of natural radionuclide: 232Th, 226Ra, 40K is 69,8 Bq/kg, which according to the Raw Accreditation Certificate allows to refer all rocks of the Tatar – Shatrashan deposit to the class I application, i.e. to concern it usable at all possible types of using
The production is not flammable, not explosive, carcinogens are not established.

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Israway trading company is worldwide seller of chemicals and minerals for agriculture and petrochemistry

זאוליט הוא אחד המינרלים הנפוצים והיקרים ביותר בעולם. זאוליטים נמצאים בשימוש נרחב במגוון תעשיות כמו: חקלאית, טיהור מים, תעשייה גרעינית, מתחם כימי נפט וגז, ענף הבניין.

זאוליט טבעי הוא חומר סופג ידידותי לסביבה, עדיף על פחמן פעיל בתכונותיו עקב ספיחה משופרת וחילופי יונים.

מאפיין זה של זאוליט הופך אותו לפופולרי בגידול בעלי חיים, בחקלאות, כמו גם בטיהור מים (טיפול בשפכים ואגני מים, טיהור מים באקווריום, שימוש במסננים לטיהור מים). בגידול בעלי חיים, זאוליט טבעי משמש כתוסף להאכלת מינרלים לחיזוק מערכת החיסון, לנרמלת חילוף החומרים ולמניעת מחלות במערכת העיכול. זה תורם להופעתם ולשימורם של צאצאים בריאים, מבטיח צמיחה בריאה, חוזק ושיקום יכולות ההגנה של האורגניזם של בעלי חיים.

זאוליט תורם ביעילות לתשואות גבוהות יותר. מינרל זה שומר על עצמו בפני עצמו, מסנן את האדמה בצורה מושלמת, ממריץ את התפתחות מערכת השורשים של צמחים, מאריך את פעולתם של דשנים, בעיקר חנקות, פוספט, אשלג וחומרים מזינים אחרים.

ל- זאוליט מגוון רחב מאוד של יישומים בתעשייה. הוא נמצא בשימוש נרחב בפטרוכימיה, כמייבש גזים ותקשורת, לטיהור מי שתייה ומים תעשייתיים, להסרת רדיונוקלידים ומייבש מים, כמו גם בבנייה. בעזרת זאוליט מייצרים טיהור של משטחים מוצקים, קרקעות, למשל בתחנות כוח גרעיניות.

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