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NPK 15:15:15

Complex universal fertilizer for any soils and crops, the most effective when applied under cultivated and industrial crops - before pre-sowing cultivation or when sowing. It is also an ideal starter fertilizer for spring crops. The presence of sulfur provides a high assimilation of nitrogen and phosphorus by plants, and potassium contributes to the rapid transport of photosynthetic products (carbohydrates) to root crops and seeds.


  • Consistent results irrespective of soil or crop characteristics

  • High sulphur content increases the efficiency of nitrogen and phosphorus use by plants

  • Increases protein in grains and quality of root crops


  • Period: Autumn, Spring

  • Method: Broadcasting, During sowing

  • Soils: All soils



Granule strength                       

Granule composition            

MPa min. 5
≥95% Ø1–6 mm


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