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Agricultural industry

Fertilization, feed additives, fertilizer prolongator, soil aeration, deodorizations

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The zeolites appliance in the plant production brings a significant effect in yield increasing, improves production performance and soil productivity. The zeolite has a complex beneficial effect on the ground chemical properties and nutrient status. It consists of silicon, calcium , potassium , sodium and other elements, particles of diameter 0,25-1 mm are dominate, cation exchange capacity — 150 mg-eq per 100 g of the ground. The zeolites are powerful aerators and ground deoxidizers, water and apply fertilizers accumulators, prolongator of organo-mineral components and water action, humidity detector. Soil fertilizers washovering stop, the earth capability to nutrient metabolism of plants increase and reestablish as a result of the zeolite appliance.

The following effects are reported when applying the zeolites in agronomy and vegeculture:

  • Nitrate content in fruits decreases on 7-38%;

  • Vegetable yield increases up to 60%;

  • Nitrogen washing out from ground decreases in 4-5 times;

  • Strawberry, flowers seed sprouting in 25-30 days earlier occurs;

  • Promotes development of root system, plant growth accelerates, and provides good planting material viability;

  • The mineral is kept in the soil up to 10 years;

  • The zeolite is a perfect reservoir, as during watering or rain it adsorbs water and then as needed feeds plants;

  • The zeolite prevents cultural toxic agent accumulation such as heavy metals, nitrates, radionuclides;

  • This mineral prevents nitrogen washing out from the ground and water capacity increases in sabulous and sod – podzolic soil;

  • The natural zeolite has internal porous structure, due to which aerating properties increase, сtherefore heavy soils become more breathable and loose.

  • The zeolite appliance increases barley yield fertilizer omitted on 2,7-4,6 c /ha, against the background of complete fertilizer — on 6,7-24,2 c/ha.

At the present time in Ulyanovsk Academy of Agricultural Sciences P.A. Stolypin by name efforts are being made to use the zeolite as fertilizer. Works are underway under the supervision of Doctor of Science, Professor Kulikova A.H. Research were carried out on spring wheat and corn. The following results were obtained:

The yield of the spring wheat with zeolite application in combination with NPK (NPK 40 kg + zeolite 500 kg per hectare) gave the yield increase on 3, 52 tons or 49%

The yield of corn with zeolite application (NPK 60 kg + zeolite 500 kg per hectare) gave the yield increase on 2,88 tons from hectare or 44,8%, and pure zeolite application at 2 tons per ha gave the yield increase on 3, 14 tons from hectare or 50,5%.

The zeolites appliance in poultry breeding and animal breeding

Successful results in zeolites application as additive in hens, pork, sheep and cattle feed were got by different experienced and research teams. Corresponding technical conditions are confirmed: TS 407-629-90 «Natural zeolite — poultry fodder additive». The zeolites in quality meet prior All Union Technical conditions: TS-113-12-76-170-89 «Supplementary feed for farm animals».

Use of natural zeolites in animal and poultry nutrition makes food mass through digestive tract passing go slowly and as a result a level of effects of digestive juice on them increases. Alkaline condition presence in distal segment of intestines points at fermentative process reduction. Blood plasma research shows that the level of the most amino acid reasonably increases to experienced groups.

The zeolite appliance as mineral additive for animals and poultry fortifies the immune system; metabolism normalizes, and makes healthy get birth and safekeeping. The zeolite is used as enterosorbent which improves and normalizes the action of gastrointestinal tract.

When compound feed quality oscillation the zeolites increase its digestibility, compensating for shortcomings of nutritive value and improve efficiency.

Key benefits of zeolites appliance:

  • When all kinds of poultries nutrition intervention, zeolite 4% is increased:

  • Live weight on 5-10%

  • Livestock keeping on 2%

  • Hens egg production on 3-5%

  • Egg breakage decreases on 3-5%

In hog breeding when hogs feeding 15g of zeolite per head increases:

  • Young pigs liveability on 15-18%

  • Young stock productivity on 8-10%

  • Daily weight gain up to 9,5%

When zeolite introduction at 4% optimal zeolite dose of dry matter in cattle ration is increased:

  • Average daily milk yield on 5-8%

  • Newborn calf liveability on 10%

  • Live weight gain of young stock on 6-18%

When sheep zeolite feeding in number of 0,5 g per 1 kg of live weight, is increased:

  • Wool clip to 13%

  • Wool strength on 6-12%

  • Ewe polycarpy on 11%

  • Animal yield live weight on 3-14%

When zeolites applying in mineral fertilization progress, the following effects are noted:

  • Mineral fertilization pellets strength is increased on 35-60%

  • Caking ability of mineral fertilization is reduced on 30%

  • Microelements appears in mineral fertilization – Mn, Mg, Fe, В, Со

  • Allows excluding organic anti – clotting agents use;

Use of natural zeolites allows excluding organic anti – clotting agents from production methods of fertilizers, such as dispersing agent NF for ammonium saltpeter and ANP fertilizer and carbamide - formaldehyde resin for carbamide. High ion-exchangeable capability of zeolites aids the live saving for plants macro and micro elements (potassium, calcium, silicon, aluminum, magnesium, cuprum, ferrum etc) in fertilization passing.

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